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Company History

Club Powersports officially began on January 1st, 2022, with the creation of the LLC. However, the idea had been germinating for a few years prior. While teaching at Salt Lake City College, Nathan also studied business and started his first company, Rugg Media. Nathan had been assisting Action Toy Rental and Blue Wave Jet Ski Rental with bookings while simultaneously Nathan & Emily (his partner) managed the marketing through their business, Rugg Media Group. Due to his business experience, he noticed there was a demand in the market and saw the business’s potential. So, together with his partner Emily, they decided to start Club Powersports.

As Nathan and Emily poured countless hours into marketing, they began to notice that bookings would quickly fill up and the yet the calls and the demand for more bookings were still coming in, leading to missed opportunities with every call received. This frustration birthed the concept of the need for a platform like Action Toy Rental, but with the added ability to rent out equipment from multiple sources, akin to Airbnb for power sports. Thus, Club Powersports was conceived, originally envisioned as Action Toy Share.

The focus initially shifted to rental shops due to their existing infrastructure and insurance capabilities. However, Nathan and his associates soon envisioned a broader scope, encompassing, including the equipment of individual owners as well. Their aim was to simplify entry into the rental market while elevating rental prices, thus maintaining profitability for all involved.

At Club Powersports, our mission is to always provide the most economically innovative and sustainable boat and powersport rentals through our amazing platform, with the goal of bringing friends and families together whenever an outdoor adventure calls anywhere in the United States!

Since its inception, Club Powersports has navigated various ventures, including Nathan briefly managing Canyon Boat Rental and other power sports rental shops. However, they quickly realized that owning and operating rental shops detracted from their core mission of supporting partners. They promptly divested from these ventures, reaffirming their commitment to being brokers rather than shop owners.

Today, Club Powersports continues its upward trajectory, boasting over 20 partners across Utah and neighboring states. While their online marketplace and mobile apps are still under development, they remain focused on delivering a seamless booking experience for partners and customers alike. With ongoing refinement of business systems and plans for a membership program, Club Powersports is poised for further growth and success in the power sports industry.

As you read and learn about the history of ClubPowersports. Please realise, that together we are making history as we push this new innovative solution for the rentals and tour industry towards success. To whom it may concern, thankyou for helping us make history with ClubPowersports.

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