Super Air Natique G23 Rentals

Half-day: $699

Rental Rates

7+ Days from $849 /day
4-6 Days from $879 /day
2-3 Days from $899 /day
1 Day from $949 /day
Half Day from $699

Advertised rates are typical of on-trailer rentals for most locations. On-site rental locations will often have higher rates than those posted here, and may be subject to additional resort taxes & fees. Rental rates are subject to change and may vary by location, weather, season, demand, day of week, availability, and other factors.


This equipment may be available on-location at certain marinas, trailheads, recreational areas, lakes, reservoirs, etc.
Call 385-316-7474 for details.

With Trailer

This equipment may be available with a trailer, so you can tow it to all your favorite lakes, marinas, trailheads, recreational areas, reservoirs, etc.
Call 385-316-7474 for details.

Delivery Available

At most locations, this equipment can be delivered, sometimes for an additional fee, by our team to your favorite lake, marina, trailhead, recreational area, reservoir, etc.
Call 385-316-7474 for details.

Half-day: $699

About this Rental

Exact equipment specifications may vary by location.

A continuation of the best wake boat of all time, the G23 stays true to its mission by outperforming anything else on the market while offering the luxury and quality you’ve come to expect. With new tower options, the G23 takes on a new look and adds functionality while still delivering the configurable surf waves and wakeboard wakes suited for every age and skill level. Pair that with luxurious amenities, a versatile interior layout and stunning lines and the Super Air Nautique G23 continues to reign supreme as the best modern-day wake boat in existence.

If you’ve never ridden a Wakeboard, then you’ve seriously got to try it. Even if you’ve ridden a boat before, then you’ll agree that ridding one here is whole new magical experience.

Whether you are visiting one of the lakes in Utah for a few hours, a day, or a week, boats are a must have for your vacation. Adding jet skis to your boat rental is also a good safety measure because some spots at lakes of Utah don’t have good cell phone service. If you get stranded or need to find someone in your party, then having jet skis will be a huge help.


Half-day: $699


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Half-day: $699

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