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from $337

Advertised rates are typical of on-trailer rentals for most locations. On-site rental locations will often have higher rates than those posted here, and may be subject to additional resort taxes & fees. Rental rates are subject to change and may vary by location, weather, season, demand, day of week, availability, and other factors.


This equipment may be available on-location at certain marinas, trailheads, recreational areas, lakes, reservoirs, etc.
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With Trailer

This equipment may be available with a trailer, so you can tow it to all your favorite lakes, marinas, trailheads, recreational areas, reservoirs, etc.
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At most locations, this equipment can be delivered, sometimes for an additional fee, by our team to your favorite lake, marina, trailhead, recreational area, reservoir, etc.
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from $337

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Honda’s AquaTrax line of personal watercraft really stands out.

And the closer you look, the better they look. For example, every AquaTrax has a four-stroke powerplant that’s built especially for marine use. They run cleaner, are super-reliable, and—most important—they offer so much power that your day is going to fly by. How many choices do you have? Here’s the short version: The F-12X GPScape™, F-12X and F-12 are three-person boats, while the R-12X is a two-person watercraft.

Brochure for Jet Ski: Honda AquaTrax

Each one uses a special Honda hull, and their strong, twin-chine sculpted fiberglass designs provide both rock-solid
handling and exhilarating carving performance. Every model
offers left-side reverse, off-throttle steering, electronic keyless ignition and convenient, watertight storage. But best of all,every AquaTrax offers something no other builder can: Honda’s unmatched reputation for quality, durability and reliability.

So experience the Honda performance that’s part of every
AquaTrax, and you’ll never settle for anything less again.

F-12X GPScape / F-12X Ultimate Luxury Touring The Honda AquaTrax F-12X and F-12X GPScape are designed so you can share the fun with two passengers.

The F-12X GPScape adds the convenience of a rear boarding step with the industry’s leading navigational aid. GPScape lets you input waypoints and makes getting back to your
favorite spots easier than ever. The turbocharger on both models means plenty of power and — combined with the F-12X’s long hull — gives you all the comfort and stability you
want for day-long trips. And with over 25 gallons of storage space, you’ll be able to take along everything you need.

F-12 Recreational Runabout The AquaTrax F-12 is the perfect family boat. It features a high-compression engine with a special pair of camshafts and valve springs to give it a horsepower boost, while a 147mm Solas® jet pump and impeller hook up for smooth, linear power delivery. No wonder this is a favorite for families who like to tow
their toys. And no wonder the AquaTrax F-12 is one of the most versatile boats Honda ever built.

R-12X High-Performance Musclecraft Take the spirit of our championshipwinning Honda sportbikes, dress it up for the water, and you’ve got the 2007 Honda AquaTrax R-12X. At the heart of this two-person hot rod is our no-holds-barred turbocharged engine. The race-inspired quick-trim system is a handlebar-mounted lever that lets you fi ne-tune your R-12X’s trim pitch instantly for sharper turn entry and exit. Put it all together and you have one of the most intense, precise-handling watercraft ever built.

from $337


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