Salt Lake City is a wonderful destination to visit. The city is the capital place of Utah. Salt Lake City contains almost 1.22 million population in its Metropolitan area according to the 2018 census. The city was founded by settlers under the leadership of Brigham Young in 1847. The early settlers focussed on cultivation growth to feed the surrounding population. Salt Lake City was spread surrounding the Great Salt Lake, and thus earlier its name was Great Salt Lake City. However, in 1868 the word “Great” was removed, and later its name only became Salt Lake City.

The church of Jesus Christ Latter-Day Saints is the biggest Church in the city, with a considerable city population as its member. In the City, there are many good restaurants, bars, coffee shops, and hotels. foodies can find many good places to dine and having fun. Salt Lake City has many universities and numerous community colleges. The University of Utah is also situated in this City. The University is ranked 1st in the state of Utah. There are also many vocational training institutions in the city.

There are many parks and gardens to visit in Salt Lake City. The Place Heritage Park is the largest park in the city. It spreads on an area of 217.5 acres. The second-largest park of the city is Sugar House park which covers an area of 110 acres. There in the park are large 4.5-acre rolling hills that are surrounded by ponds and fountains. In the foothills of Salt Lake City, Red Butte Garden, and Arboretum is situated. The University of Utah operated garden might be considered as 3rd largest park in Salt Lake City. The city also has almost 85 large and small municipal parks.

There are also many other places in Salt Lake City to attract tourists. The nature of the city is young, and the people here are dynamic. Along with natural, religious, and other attractions, people come here to enjoy jet ski adventure in the salt lake. Here in the city, there are several ski resorts to attract tourists. Along with the ski resorts, the city is also surrounded by mountains where the tourists enjoy skiing and other snow and mountain games. Temple Square and the Mormon Temple is in the downtown area of Salt Lake City and a place to visit. For Mormons, the temple square is the holy place. 

Salt Lake City has an international airport and a robust public transportation system. Travelers can move to ski resorts and other tourist attractions directly from the airport through interlinked trains and bus networks. The light rail network, Trax also facilitates tourists and travelers to move across the city. Utah Transportation Authority (UTA) provides the complete details of the bus routes on its website Travelers can also get up to date route information on the toll-free number 888-743-3822. UTA is always pleased to serve the tourists. 

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